Tapex is Australia’s largest manufacturer of plastics and twine.

With over 50 years experience in servicing Australian customers, our motto is simple – ‘To Be the Best’.

Australian owned and operated, Tapex was established in 1957 by Theo Rossi with a vision to build a laminating machine and successfully doing so, produced the world’s first synthetic flat strapping in Waterloo NSW. By 1962 Tapex became the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to extrude polypropylene.

Moving to a new 15,000sqm headquarters in Kingsgrove NSW in 2000 was the beginning of Tapex’s expansion into New Zealand the following year forming Tapex Limited.

Four generations on in the family business, Tapex continues to produce many innovative products including the world’s first waterless hockey pitch made entirely from synthetic grass yarn.

Our continued commitment to manufacturing products only of the highest standard and ingenious approach to consumer satisfaction has seen us become one of BRW’s Fast 100 companies.

Dedicated to the environment, in 2009 we launched an Environmental and Sustainability Strategy.

“We are proud of our history and our successes in becoming one of Australasia’s largest plastic manufacturers, but we’re still firmly committed to the principle of personal one-on-one service".


Research and development began at Tapex long ago. It started as a passion for discovering what was possible, and has become the foundation for growth and transformation within our company. Early on research and development was largely trial and error mixed with the expertise and instincts of some clever engineers and technicians who would deliver a breakthrough.

Today, breakthroughs are a much more scientific affair and the passion remains for discovering what’s possible. Science and state-of-the-art technologies are key elements of Tapex’s approach to continual improvement and innovation. These key elements are applied in every venture that Tapex embarks upon.

There are many reasons that Tapex is regarded as one of the best manufacturing companies in Australia.  Firstly, we have the ability to develop products and materials, from concept to pilot stage, through our advanced laboratories and testing facilities. In many cases our products are developed completely in-house but we are increasingly relying on collaborative relationships to allow us to bring the world’s best minds and technologies “into one room”.

Secondly, with significant resources in state-of-the-art manufacturing lines, supported by the world’s best raw material suppliers, we are able to fully commercialise those concepts. Our collaborative approach is leading to an increasing number of joint commercialisation, which is a trend we expect to continue.

Continued innovation in areas such as e-commerce, logistics and customer support ensure that our customers, and our partners' customers, can expect the reliability and care on which we have built our organisation. With large product ranges tailored to suit the requirements of a wide array of demands, chances are that Tapex has what your looking for. If your organisation has a concept and would like to explore what is possible, we are always interested in innovative ideas. We would love to talk to you about how we might assist.

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With a history dating back to 1880, Tapex is an innovative company offering a diverse range of predominantly polymer-based extrusion products.

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