Laid over buried pipelines and cables to guard against accidental excavation.

Tapex Mains Marker is your first line of protection.

Wider (150mm) and longer (500 metres).

Exceptionally tough rockmesh shields pipes against backfill damage.

Extruded mesh gives visual warning of buried pipeline and presents a physical barrier to withstand accidental impact.

Warning tape/mesh composites.


Tough barrier protection for hazardous areas.

Medium/heavy long term barricade.

General purpose and limited re-use.

Economy solution for single-use and short-duration projects.

Tapex's aboveground warning tapes cover a wide range of hazardous-area delineation applications.

For marking hazardous areas on floors, walls & machinery

Safety tape in tube form.

Easily erected area delineation option.

Reflective tags, easily seen at night.

Efficient Oyster Cultivation

Reliable high density 660gsm mesh

Heavy duty 1000gsm polyethylene mesh

Solutions for a range of commercial and residential situations

Premium commercial grade aluminium mesh

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