Polyester Butcher’s Twine


Butcher’s twine is an essential ingredient of the food preparation process when it comes to cooking a piece of meat or poultry: it prevents the cut of meat from expanding, helps it retain both its shape and juices, and helps to keep the stuffing inside. When you need to find the right twine, Tapex is the place to go.

Kinnears Polyester butcher’s twine is highly regarded in the meat industry and well-established as the preferred product for tying meat, game, small goods, poultry and a wide variety of other applications. With a variety of easily identifiable colours, our food-grade twine can be used in butcher shops and residential and commercial kitchens alike. Contact us today to place an order – we deliver Australia wide.


Description Code Tex Colour Rolls/Ctn Ctns/Pallet
No 6 Tapex 320110 770 White 18 40
Butchers Twine K084614 770 Red & White 18 40
Kinnears K013904 1800 White 20 32
Kinnears K013973 2475 White 20 32