Cable Cover


Any damage to buried cables is costly, inconvenient and dangerous. The importance of underground cable protection covers, so crucial to preserving essential services such as electricity, gas and telecommunications, therefore cannot be understated. Cable cover suppliers Tapex stock a quality range made to Australian Standards, to help that buried cables and pipelines remain capable of delivering their primary functions.

Tapex cable covers provide a solid protective safety barrier as well an early visual warning. They are designed to resist penetration and will last for decades underground without degradation. Our cable cover range is approved by utilities such as Energex ensuring their quality.

As one of the leading cable cover suppliers in Australia, you can trust Tapex to protect your essential buried services Talk to a safety specialist today to see how we can help you.



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  • Tapex underground cable cover complies with Australian Standard Polymeric Cable Protection Covers
  • AS 4702-2000 6mm Electrical (Orange)
  • Contains recycled plastics sourced from Plasback farm plastics recycling program

Legend: DANGER GAS PIPELINE BELOW – Black on Yellow

Size Code Description
3mm x 150mm x 25m CPCG150 Cable Cover
3mm x 200mm x 25m CPCG200 Cable Cover
3mm x 300mm 25m CPCG300 Cable Cover


Size Code Description
5mm x 150mm x 20m CPCE150 Cable Cover
5mm x 200mm x 20m CPCE200 Cable Cover
5mm x 300mm 20m CPCE300 Cable Cover

Tapex Cable Cover Factsheet