Copperhead Copper Clad Steel provides the best tracer wire solution for future location of underground pipes and cables. Stronger, cheaper & lighter than copper with the same conductivity.

Strong, but conductive, corrosion resistant and a lot less likely to break when you put it through the rigors of underground construction. The volatility of the price of copper is minimized and its attractiveness to copper thieves diminished. Copperhead’s innovation brought the underground construction industry a superior performing product at a more economical price. Copperhead Industries sets the standard for copper-clad steel tracer wire

Copperhead Advantages over solid copper

  • More durable, longer lasting performance
  • Much stronger breaking strength over solid copper
  • Reduced material cost
  • More stable, longer term pricing
  • Reduced threat of theft due to lack of after-market scrap value
  • Lighter weight, resulting in reduced shipping and handling costs
  • Fewer breaks during installation, fewer breaks over time

Open cut & ploughing

  • High Strength Tracer Wire
  • Copperhead’s industry-exclusive CCS reinforced tracer wire combines the strength of fully annealed high carbon
  • steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of solid copper.
Description Wire Diameter Spool Size Break Load
High Strength 1830 1mm 175m, 760m 48Kg
High Strength 1430 1.6mm 175m, 760m 128Kg
High Strength 1230 2mm 175m, 760m 205Kg
High Strength 1030 2.6mm 175m, 760m 310Kg

Directional drilling solutions

Copperhead’s SoloShot tracer wire products are specifically engineered for horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting. SoloShot high carbon CCS offers the superior break load strengths required with specialist products of up to 2100 kgs break load.

Description Wire Diameter Spool Size Break Load
SoloShot EHS 1245 2mm 175m, 760m 520Kg

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