Detectamesh Underground Warning Mesh


Detectamesh is a coloured plastic mesh for marking and detecting buried underground pipes, cables and services.

  • Available in detectable and non-detectable versions
  • Manufactured from high-strength coloured rot-resistant homopolymer polypropylene plastic mesh
  • Warning message printed in black
  • Detectable version has one 0.7mm AISI 316 grade stainless steel tracer wire
  • Custom orders manufactured in any colour text or logo
  • Widths: 100mm, 200mm & 300mm
  • Lengths: 100m to 600m

Detectable – Length 100m x width 200mm (8″)

Product/Brand Code Colour
Detectable MESH Gas 116225 Yellow
Detectable MESH Water 11683 Green
Detectable MESH Electrical 116751 Orange
Detectable MESH Sewer 116980 Beige
Detectable MESH Recycled Water 116843 Lilac
Detectable MESH Portable Water 116829 Green

Contractor – Length 100m x width 150mm (6″)

Product/Brand Code Colour
Non Detectable MESH Gas 114740 Yellow
 Non Detectable MESH Water 114931 Green