ELIOT SOLUTIONS provides a patented way for locating and identifying underground infrastructure, using the latest RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.

How does Eliot Solutions work?

RFID cards containing all the information required by operators (nature of network, type of pipeline, date of fitting, batch No.) are fitted to pipelines before the trench is covered. Simple and intuitive to use, the ELIOT RFID technology allows the location of underground networks down to a depth of 2.50m with a unique precision to the nearest centimetre, From the surface, a detector allows the instant location and differentiation of each pipe.

This information then uploads to a cloud based GIS (Geographic Information System) system.

Asset Management

ELIOT provides a total underground asset management system.  Installers scan the barcodes of fittings used, record the asset description and date of installation. Asset owners can use the system to audit the installation, as well as track maintenance programs.

ELIOT provides flexible network data protection and recovery solutions. The Eliot application helps with writing in the TAG and allows the addition and locking of information regarding the connected equipment (branches, connections, etc.).

Recovery of information stored on the RFID tag, then association of GPS coordinates with each point and their integration in any type of GIS  allows both a simplified display of your data and its real-time management.