OptiCell™ Flexible Inner Ducts


OptiCell™ is a flexible fabric innerduct system designed to increase cable deployment efficiency, enabling installation of up to 300% more cables than rigid HDPE innerduct in conduit based network infrastructure. The unique textile envelopes allow single or multiple encased cables to conform to the shape of the conduit and reduce wasted space.

OptiCell™ saves its users significant projects costs by being able to increase cable density in network infrastructure, greenfield applications require smaller trenches, smaller vaults, and less conduit while still providing channel for future network expansions. By being able to override existing cables in conduits previously thought to be full, OptiCell™ offers a NO DIG solution in today’s network expansion projects.

  • Place 300% more cables
  • Install OptiCell™ 2x faster
  • Use 30% less manpower
  • Configurations in 1, 2 and 3 cells
  • Standard, Detectable, and Fire Resistant versions
  • Pre-installed color-coded pulling tapes standard
  • Pre-lubricated for lower pulling tensions
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products

Type Code Cells Min Duct Max Cable
4500 Tex Blow Line K075476 White 1350m 195Kg
2000 Tex Blow Line 120144 White 2000m 85Kg

Further Specifications

Material Fabric Warp Polyester Monofilament
Filling Nylon/Polyester
Material Pull Tape High Tenacity Multifilament Polyester 565kg (5.54kN) / Optional 1135kg (11.13kN)
Sewing Line High Tensile Polyester
Temperature range -30°C to 100°C
Lubricate 100% Silicon Oil
Friction ~75% Lower Resistance
Breaking Tensile# 1 Cell >445kgs, 2 Cell >807kgs , 3 Cell >1169kgs
% Elongation @ 50kgs <5%
Melting Point >215°C
Thermal Expansion 8.4mm/100m/5°C
Detectable Wire Optional AWG 18Ga. (0.75mm2) Solid Core Copper with Vinyl and Nylon Insulation
Reel Length 2500m (Standard) Min 150m/ Max 6300m (3 cell)

OptiCell™ 2552 Data Sheet
OptiCell™ 4418 Data Sheet
OptiCell™ 3614 Data Sheet
OptiCell™ 3212 Data Sheet
OptiCell™ 3212 Data Sheet
Opticell Brochure