Omni RFID Markers


Omni Marker provides a new and better way to mark and locate underground facilities. Unlike other marking devices with a single coil, the Omni Marker contains three orthogonal tuned circuits. When excited by a standard marker locator, these passive circuits produce a uniform, spherical RF (Radio Frequency) field in every direction. Use it to locate buried splices, load coils, service drops, pipe ends, conduit stubs, road crossings, cable paths, fiber optic facilities, non-metallic lines, buried tanks or manholes.

  • No ball positioning is required.
  • The Marker can easily be located up to 1500m away.
  • Passive, high reliability design assures many years of service
  • Omni Marker contains no batteries or active components.
  • Frequency & colour coded by the buried service.

Application Colour Frequency Model No
Power Red 169.8 kHz Model 160
Water Blue 145.7 kHz Model 161
Sanitary Green 121.6 kHz Model 162
Telephone Orange 101.4 kHz Model 163
Gas Yellow 83.0 kHz Model 164
Non-Potable Water Purple 66.35 kHz Model 168

Omni Markers Factsheet