Safety Wrap


Working on or around exposed pipelines requires an increased level of safety and awareness. Installing Safety Wrap as soon as pipes or cables are exposed will protect the integrity as well as the vital coatings from any degree of accidental line strike.

  • Complete protection against scraps & dings
  • The wrap is so durable it can withstand a direct hit without being breached.
  • The bright orange colour increases visibility and ensures machine operators keep back a safe distance.
  • Easy to install, multiple pieces clip together for larger diameter pipes
  • Safety wrap can being reused many times over.

Originally designed to protect coatings during foreign crossings, Safety Wrap has been used in a number of applications to increase the level of safety on the job site including:

  • Coating Repairs
  • Bridge Work
  • Maintenance Exposures
  • Casting Repairs
  • Washouts
  • Sand Blasting
  • High Voltage Electric Cables

Description Code Fits Pipe Diameter
Spiral Wrap R20011 50mm to 300mm
Multi-Piece Wrap R20012 400mm to 1000mm

Tapex Safety Wrap Factsheet