Tracer wire connectors


Connecting tracer wire is easy with a range of simple twist or locking connectors.

DryConn Single Lug connectors are inexpensive, waterproof and simple to use:

1. Strip wires 15mm
2. Align any frayed strands or conductors.
3. Pre-twisting unnecessary. Place stripped wires together with ends of insulation even.
4. Twist connector onto wires pushing firmly until hand-tight. Do not over torque.
5. Wipe sealant in and around conductors and connector opening while tightening. Do not reuse.

DryConn 3-way Direct Bury Lug eliminates the need to cut the main line, installs in less than a minute, and is perfect for connecting services to the main line. The outer lid locks down in three places keeping the connection free from contaminants.  All DryConn connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens making them waterproof and corrosion proof.


Copperhead SnakeBite connectors exclusive 90-degree Twist Lock design means you simply insert the wires, twist 90 degrees and the SnakeBite connector is locked. There is no requirement to strip the tracer wire, as a small blade inside the Snakebite cuts through the insulation.


Snake Bite locking connectors Brochure
Snake Bite Factsheet