Tubex Combitube


Combitube is designed to last a minimum of 5 years*, boosting the chances of survival and healthy growth through the early stages of the tree’s life.

Ventilation is provided by a number of 4mm laser generated perforations in a set of 100mm deep bands at the top of the shelter, allowing for ‘wind rock’ to strengthen both root and stem as well as hardening the bark of the tree. 45cm of solid base allows chemical spraying and creates the microclimate, whilst the perforations ventilate the tree and are small enough for the branches not to grow through.

Higher air moisture within the Tubex tree shelter reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive better in dry or drought conditions.

Available in TUBEX 12D degradable material, ensuring that the shelter will naturally degrade after the service life of the shelter.

Combitube Range Issue 01
Tubex Tree Installation Guide