Twist Ties


Wire twist ties are widely used across Australia on a daily basis. They offer a multitude of commercial uses, including the packaging of everything from fruits and vegetables to baked goods and electrical cords,as well as general industry related purposes.

When you need a leading twist ties supplier in Australia, you can count on Tapex to deliver a superior range of products at value for money prices. With their water resistant coating and wire core, they can be used for packaging a wide array of products. Buy in a range of different reel sizes or standard cut lengths, depending on your specific needs.

  • Comes in two forms: reel or standard cut length.
  • Extra-wide 4mm gives a more secure form of containment.

Tapex Twistie Reels

Standard 4mm960110Green7504

Tapex Twistie

Standard Cut 4mm900100Green100mm40
Standard Cut 4mm900150Green150mm28
Standard Cut 4mm900200Green200mm21