Wavelay® Detectable Underground Warning Tape


Wavelay® is a detectable underground warning tape incorporating one or two 0.7mm AISI 316 grade stainless steel tracer wires laid in a sinusoidal wave pattern, and laminated between two layers of low density, lead free, virgin grade rot-resistant polyethylene.

We also supply the essential crimping tools and stainless steel crimps necessary for the successful assembly of all joints that ensure a strong, corrosion resistant connection.

Tapex is proud to be one of the leading warning tape suppliers in Australia. To locate your nearest vendor of underground warning tapes please give us a call on (02) 9502 6000 or email sales@tapex.com.au.

  • Wavelay® wire design allows enhanced detectability and enables the wire to stretch by over 25% before breaking
  • Top print guard layer protects the warning message and locks in the tracer wire
  • Corrosive resistant stainless steel wire with high tensile strength
  • New improved lamination process leaves 40% of the tracer wire exposed to the soil, enhancing its earthing properties to improve surface detection
  • 240 rolls to a standard pallet, excellent freight efficiency
  • Standard100mm x 250m rolls
  • Can be supplied in custom print, custom colours plus on cable drums up to 3km in length

Product/Brand Code Colour
Wavelay Gas 116157 Yellow
Wavelay Communications 116324 White
Wavelay Water 116638 Green
Wavelay Electrical 116747 Orange
Wavelay Recycled Water 116782 Lilac
Wavelay Portable Water 116812 Green
Wavelay Drinking Water 116577 Blue
Wavelay Sewer 116935 Beige

Wavelay Factsheet